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Digital Interactive Whiteboard Videos

Yczx digital interactive whiteboard supplier accurately grasping the general trend that information automation brings profound changes to the traditional teaching mode, the company has made continuous and substantial research and development investment in the core products of the teaching informatization series, which has enabled the company to gain huge advantages in the interactive screens for schools touch train products. The interactive touch screen display company grasps the core technology independently, launches many new products to the market every year and successfully goes on the market, fills the domestic and foreign market blank, thus leads the interactive screens for education industry development tide. Interactive Display refers to the large commercial digital display/projector which is used for the basic purpose of replacing the traditional one-way / passive viewing; In the present conference room, the user only needs to configure 1 interactive whiteboards for business tablet, namely may simultaneously realize: the television, the computer, the computer mouse, the sound box, the signal processor as well as the remote control / central control panel all functions! The smart board installation video, product details, as well as operation demo please follow us.